Super Sexy CPR

If you find saving lives boring, then think again! I just came across this beautifully simple, and extremely sexy video of one hot girl performing CPR on another hot girl….

Sounds like a great idea for getting people to pay attention to the the life-saving process of CPR (sex sells people!). However, after some research I have come to learn that this idea is not the brain child of some eager-to-save-lives-medical-group, but in fact a cleaver ad campaign by Canadian lingerie company Fortnight Lingerie Inc.

Does this mean that this film is just a shallow advert to sell lingerie to people? Or is the fact that the video actually teaches you how to perform proper CPR, which could save a life, something that should be congratulated? I have to go with the latter, and say well done Fortnight Lingerie for not simply using sex to sell sexy underwear, but also teaching the world a little bit of first aid. And the fact that there is little mention of the brand on the Super Sexy CPR website, makes the whole thing a lot more admirable.

As it said on the website:

“Now that we’ve got you interested in learning CPR and the abdominal thrust, go get properly certified by taking a class through one of the many certifying authorities in your local area”

So, while Fortnight Lingerie makes it clear that these videos do not qualify as real training, something’s gotta be said for the geniuses who put this campaign together.

And if you already know CPR, or you want to help a friend who is choking (or you wanna see some Man – on – Girl action), then check out their Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts video that teaches us about the Heimlich Manoeuvre:

And go to the Super Sexy CPR website to download super sexy wallpaper for your computer, that reminds you the steps of CPR.


The joys of being a Young Adult

I noticed this film a while ago and thought it looked like a winner. Mainly because the title struck me, Young Adult? That’s pretty much my frame of mind completely. It’s out on the 9th of Febuary, and is about Mavis Gary (played by Charlize Theron), a writer of teen literature who returns to her small hometown to relive her glory days and attempt to reclaim her happily married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). But when she gets home it proves more difficult than she thought. However, Mavis meets former classmate Matt (Patton Oswalt) who was beaten almost to death at high school by a group of boys who thought he was gay. The two become close friends, with Matt being her voice of reason in her quest for getting back with her ex.  As this film is by the makers of Juno, I’ve no doubt it will be a little off-key, and hopefully a bit different from the normal chick-flick. Plus with Charlize Theron as the protagonist, I’m hoping she’ll be a a bit more edgy than the usual female character in Hollywood films. I’m interested to see how Mavis tries to win back her high school sweetheart who is happily married, with a baby on the way. We’ve all wanted to go on a winning-back-the-ex-rampage, but (hopefully) have not done anything about it, so god knows how this will end!