We Love Adam

Adam J. Kurtz says he claims to be a “graphic artist and media designer.” and those claims seem  pretty accurate. We’ve shown his balloons on here before, but now it’s time to show the rest of his work. Which, as you can see is super fun, colourful and intelligent.

Starving For Attention T-Shirt $22

I Love you, But… Badge set $4

Sorry I’m Such an Asshole Balloons $12


The King of Country Cool

Have you ever wondered who was behind Elvis’ signature style? Who made Johnny Cash into The Man In Black? And who helped all three generations of Hank Williams’ to become the stylish country boys they were/are? Well, the king of all things country attire is the one and only Manuel, also known as the “Rhinestone Rembrandt”.

Manuel measuring up Johnny Cash

Manuel learnt to sew from his brother at the age of 7, in his hometown Coalcomán, Mexico. Manuel moved to Los Angeles and worked for several tailors, but soon became bored with everyday clothing. With his flair for colour and glitz, he moved in to the world of costumes at Nudie’s famed western store, designing for the likes of Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger. After 14 years in western wear, Manuel branched out and opened his own shop in North Hollywood, eventually relocating to Nashville in 1989 to continue his association with the music industry.

From then on, Manuel’s original designs have become the trademark of American country music. 

Secret Underground New York

In 1904 a stunning underground station was opened in the heart of New York City featuring tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights that run across the entire curve of the station. 

It was to be the original southern terminus of the first ‘Manhattan Main Line’; however the station was closed and boarded up in 1945 due to the introduction of longer subway trains.Since then the station has been left untouched and in it’s original condition. That is, until recently. Lucky passengers of the 6 train who know of it’s existence will be allowed to stay on the train during its turnaround and see the Station from the train. Of course, like all underground stations, there are off-limit parts that only Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers and the more adventurous graff writer will ever see. And this station is no different. The Underbelly Project has turned these parts of this station into an off-limit art gallery, which is illegal to enter. Over a hundred murals have been accumulated over time by graffiti artists who discovered the walls and invited others to add their art. 

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Sarah Burton is doing a swell job of continuing Alexander McQueen’s legacy after the tragic death of the designer. These sunning dresses for Spring 2012 marry feminine materials and shapes with the mores masculine feel of masks, leather and fingerless gloves. Gorgeous!

Tips on Posters

Mr. Phomer is “A Connoisseur of All Things Cool”, as it tells us on his website. And after browsing his work, I must say that I kinda agree… Click on the images below from his series “Tips on Posters” which consists of well, tips on posters! Then take yourself over to his site to check out his colourful work for clients including MTV, Reebok and Don’t Panic.

Achievement in a bookcase

I am a massive fan of reading, but don’t do it enough. I have a shelf stuffed full of books I intend to read (plus a pile on the floor). The problem is, on this shelf are a load of books that I’ve already read. Since I also have an obsession with categorising things, I’m finding it hard to live with this situation.

Thank god then that Mebrure Oral has come to my rescue by designing this gorgeous bookshelf, that will appeal to typographers and OCD sufferers out there!

At $520, it’s not cheap, but damn is it desirable! Can you really put a price on such perfect organisation of your books? There are two simple catagories: Has Been Read and Will Be Read. Check out Mebrure’s work here.


Japanese matchbox labels 1920s

Matchboxes aren’t just handy for writing your number on, or (the obvious) to light match, they can also be a mini canvas for some lovely works of art. Be it a nice bit of typography, a cute illustration or a bangin’ logo. Don’t believe me? Check out this collection of Japanese matchbox labels from the 1920s.

Click to enlarge

This one isn’t about you either.

Mike Monteiro is a man after my own heart. His work is simple, direct and speaks from the heart, while keeping a sense of humour about life. Click on the images below to enlarge and make yourself smile!