The New Breed – Harvey Nichols

Today we came across the new Harvey Nichols campaign, focusing less on the human models, and more on the dogs being carried in designer bags.

However, these aren’t the dog’s you would expect to see in Chloe or Prada totes, but instead dogs that would look much more at-home on the streets of Brixton on the end of a chain lead. There is nothing we like more than a little juxtaposition in an image, and H.N. has worked it to highlight the new tough totes that are available in store.



We Love Adam

Adam J. Kurtz says he claims to be a “graphic artist and media designer.” and those claims seem  pretty accurate. We’ve shown his balloons on here before, but now it’s time to show the rest of his work. Which, as you can see is super fun, colourful and intelligent.

Starving For Attention T-Shirt $22

I Love you, But… Badge set $4

Sorry I’m Such an Asshole Balloons $12


Natalie Perkins

Natalie Perkins is a talented young lady. We came across an illustration of hers a few years ago, and was happy to see that the rest of her work is just as wonderful. As is her motivation for producing the work that she does;

“My drawings are an avenue for meditation and self care. They are largely influenced by my embodiment as a fat woman with mental illness. My early work focused on highly detailed and repetitive line work, and commented on femininity in pop culture as much as my own feelings about my own very unpopular femininity. After suffering a significant period of mental illness in 2011 I spent a lot of time focusing on simply getting through my days and not creating much resolved work at all. As I come back into better health I’m approaching my creative practice quite differently, with more respect for my disabilities as well as the role of drawing in my personal life.

Now, I draw to recover and illustrate a femininity that moves away from aesthetic beauty, and I find my politics and art seem to mesh more naturally.”

Check out some of our favourite pieces of her work and then go over to her website to see more.

Secret Underground New York

In 1904 a stunning underground station was opened in the heart of New York City featuring tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights that run across the entire curve of the station. 

It was to be the original southern terminus of the first ‘Manhattan Main Line’; however the station was closed and boarded up in 1945 due to the introduction of longer subway trains.Since then the station has been left untouched and in it’s original condition. That is, until recently. Lucky passengers of the 6 train who know of it’s existence will be allowed to stay on the train during its turnaround and see the Station from the train. Of course, like all underground stations, there are off-limit parts that only Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers and the more adventurous graff writer will ever see. And this station is no different. The Underbelly Project has turned these parts of this station into an off-limit art gallery, which is illegal to enter. Over a hundred murals have been accumulated over time by graffiti artists who discovered the walls and invited others to add their art. 

Annick Bouvattier

Annick Bouvattier clearly has talent in painting the female form. However, it’s not just the fact that she’s good at depicting women in her paintings, but it’s the subtly of her details which perfectly represent the modern woman. Beautiful!

Tips on Posters

Mr. Phomer is “A Connoisseur of All Things Cool”, as it tells us on his website. And after browsing his work, I must say that I kinda agree… Click on the images below from his series “Tips on Posters” which consists of well, tips on posters! Then take yourself over to his site to check out his colourful work for clients including MTV, Reebok and Don’t Panic.

Kissing Natalie Irish

Do you get hands on with your art? Do you get truly involved in the way that Natalie Irish does? If not, then you need to get some schooling from the lady who uses her lips and thumbs to create life-like portraits of out icons. Natalie has been getting a lot of attention for her beautiful paintings which are created by kissing her canvases, or using her thumb to make prints which build up to amazing images. Peep her work below.