Last night I headed over the The Edition Hotel with my partner in crime Culita, for the launch of Taller Than Your Average.

Irene set up the brand in 2013 after years of struggling to find decent quality basics that actually fit her 5″11 body. And, boy am I glad she took matters in to her own hands! A few months since launching TTYA, ASOS have cottoned on to it’s brilliance and taken on the brand to stock on their website.

Last night saw the launch of said collaboration in the basement of The Edition, which came complete with alcoholic slush puppies that made us feel like we were back in our youth days. 

Tunes from females including Lil Kim, Beyonce and M.I.A. filled the room full of young, hot fashion kids who were too busy instagraming the amazing collection to twerk it out on the dance floor.


But a surprise live set from Delilah managed to pull the kids away from their phones for half an hour, until the club music set in and they took to the floor to Snapchat each other dancing.

Good music, and fun drinks aside, nothing could take away from the unbelievable success of one woman’s quest to make our (tall girls) lives easier.

TTYA’s clothing is affordable, good quality and perfectly tailored for us longer ladies. So if you are above 5″9, then take a minute to visit the site and purchase yourself some amazing staple pieces that actually fit!


10 Reasons why spending Valentine’s Day alone is the best

Does anyone actually like Valentines Day?

I’m yet to hear of one of my attached friends say that they are looking forward to spending money on over-priced restaurant food and cards with empty sentiments. Sure, being with the one you love on the 14th of Feb must be nice, but does anyone actually care?

5 years of spending V-Day alone, has been 5 years of total bliss when it comes to this fake-romance side of life, and here’s why:


1. I mean, really, you are your own Valentines by default.


2.You don’t have to share booze. A six-pack of beer means just that, a six-pack.



3. Same goes for food. You don’t have to put up with anyone touching your mac n’ cheese. Result!




4. If you want to bust a nut, you can do so in minutes, using only your hand. Plus you don’t have to go through the long drawn out process of dealing with someone else’s orgasm.



5. All that money you should be spending on a gift for your loved one? Hell, you can spend it on yourself!

(Culietta headpiece £50)


 6. You don’t have to tell someone you love them when you don’t.

7. You don’t have to face the outside world if you don’t want to.

In fact, you don’t even need to get dressed.


8. You can watch any film you like, and without someone making stupid comments throughout.




9. Or you can dance around your room while listening to your favourite tracks on blast (Hello Destiny’s Child, I’ve missed you!).



10. Instead of celebrating your love of someone else, you can celebrate the love you have for yourself, because let’s face it, that’s what you should be celebrating anyway.


 Happy V-Day ladies! 

Zara Autumn 2013

God, I love Autumn! I know most people get sad that summer is over and all that, but there is nothing I look forward to more than layering up with all the amazing autumn prints.

I just came across the new Zara campaign, which has got me even more excited about the season change… Bring it on!

ADIDAS X Jeremy Scott

A big box of fun landed in the offices yesterday, and in that box were the new Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS jackets. While they divided opinion in the team, I was taken!

Peep them here to make up your own mind:

Riri for River Island take 2

Although we are getting pretty sick of “badgalriri”, we thought y’all might be interested in her new Autumn/Winter range for River Island. Her first drop sold out pretty instantly, so if you want to get your hands on any of the new stuff, you better be quick!!

Peep the collection below:


Runaway Wardrobe

This Summer has already been too long and too hot for London City life. It’s the type of heat that makes me dream of driving off in to the sunset Thelma and Louise style…

But what to pack on my imaginary-road-trip?? Well, after stumbling across the Spell & The Gypsy Collective website I think that question has been well and truly answered; pack my trunk with everything they have. Done.

Arizona here I come…

Ava Smith for Flaunt Magazine

I just came across this shoot of model Ava Smith by Alexander Neumann for Flaunt Magazine. Granted it may be a little old now, but it’s still a winner!

Check out the series below: